Name piece lettering and jawi calligraphy

Alhamdullilah, ni second order daripada sis Ilyani 😍 First haritu adalah order portrait illustration untuk kembar beliau. And the second one, beliau order tiga sekaligus, memang memborong! Thankyou sangat for your trust:’) .


The orders are:

1) name piece lettering of A4 size. Combined with the leaf wreath around it because of the green theme.

2) name piece with jawi calligraphy. She requested for the blue and pink pastel theme😊

3) and the last one, alfatihah lettering

Selamat repeat order lagi hehe:)

Open order yaa for both portrait illustration and lettering 😊 Kalau boleh Q awal awal so senang untuk tallykan postage schedule.


Nak tanya apa apa boleh contact ainin okay (instagram: luxeframe)

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