Youtube Channel Inspiration: Yeoh Yi Chie

Sometimes, we would be thinking , what would be the videos should we make in art?

Inspired by Yeoh Yi Chie, I’m listing these based on what his awesome work since 5 years ago! Being consistent, he has 125K subscribers including me and achieves up to 300K views for a single video.


  1. Art Convention or Art Fair
  2. Book review
  3. Art Supplies Shop Tour
  4. Art Supplies Review: Watercolor
  5. Art Supplies Review: Sketchbook
  6. Art Supplies Review: Tablet
  7. Art Supplies Review: Stylus
  8. Travel Sketching or Sketchwalk
  9. Sketchbook Journal Tour
  10. Art Supplies Comparison
  11. Tips on Choosing Art Supplies
  12. Tutorials / Techniques: Painting, Cleaning


And I learnt that, if you want to travel,there is no need to start in the travel, but you can just draw and record the drawing the packing list 🙂

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