Digital Modern Arabic Calligraphy : Norfazlinda

Digital arabic calligraphy i made for client.

Name: NorFazlinda

ColourTheme: Blue and Pink

Size: A4

Frame: Black

Made with Procreate and Ipad pro.

Promotional Price (November 2018: RM45)

This gift is for her friend’s birthday and graduation. Thank you for your trust, dear!

You can order yours by emailing me:

The postage is all over Malaysia, and we do cover to Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei as well. If you do not prefer the shipping and you can print it at your ease, we also provide digital download (digital prints) for only RM 20 (USD 5).

I also provide mini workshop for simple ipad lettering (Kerteh, Kemasik, Kemaman area). Just email me for any enquiry:)

Thank you!

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